Pinus strobus – Eastern White Pine

Botanical Family Pinaceae

Bloom Time Non-flowering, evergreen

Pollen Characteristics

Dispersal Unit Monad – saccate (has air sacs)

Aperture Number 1

Aperture Type leptoma

Ornamentation Granulate/Perforate

Tectum Eutectate

Size (um)

Shape Round

Pollen Color 

Honey Bee Resources

Pollen Source N/A

Nectar Source N/A

Pinus strobus is a wind pollinated evergreen, and therefore does not offer much resources to honey bees. However, it is important to be able to identify Pinus pollen, because honey bees in food deserts, or with severe shortages in nectar and/or pollen rewards will resort to collecting Pinus pollen, and other wind-pollinated pollens.

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