Lamium purpureum – Purple Deadnettle

Botanical Family Lamiaceae

Bloom Time May – November

Pollen Characteristics

Dispersal Unit Monad

Aperture Number 3

Aperture Type Mircoreticulate

Ornamentation Granulate/Perforate

Tectum Eutectate

Size (um) 31

Shape Triangular

Pollen Color Orange, Red

Pollen Load Identification 

Honey bee foragers collecting Lamium purpureum will typically also have a pollen dusting on their head and antennae.

Lamium spp. are valuable for brood building. All members of the mint family are attractive to bees.


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Sammataro, D. and Harman, A. (2013). “Major Flowers Important to Honey Bees in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States”. AlphaGraphics, Tucson, AZ.

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