Salvia coccinea – Texas Sage

Botanical Family Lamiaceae

Bloom Time July – October

Pollen Characteristics

Dispersal Unit Monad

Aperture Number 3

Aperture Type Colpus

Ornamentation Granulate/Psilate

Tectum Eutectate

Size (um) 

Shape Round

Pollen Color 

Honey Bee Resources

Pollen Source • •

Nectar Source • • •

Pollen Load Identification 

No pollen loads are typically seen on the honey bee foraging on Salvia spp., but there is typically a pollen dusting seen on the bee’s anterior thorax and abdomen.


Hodges, D. (1952). The pollen loads of the honey bee: a guide to their identification by colour and form. London: Bee Research Assoc. Ltd.


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